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Welcome to CPAP Direct. We're proud to be Australia's largest independent CPAP supplier, aiming to give high-quality care to all Australians suffering from sleep apnea.

What sets us apart from the rest is our people. we pride ourselves on personally trying and testing every single CPAP machine, mask and accessory, so we can give you first-hand advice and guide you on your journey to finding a personalised sleep apnea solution.

Our customer service guarantee, personal experience, and extensive range of CPAP products will improve your sleep quality and change your life.

At CPAP Direct, our purpose is to transform lives by fostering a culture of compassion, excellence and exceptional care. We breathe life into every moment and enhance the well-being of our patients and partners, whilst nurturing a supportive and inspirational workplace that allows our dedicated staff to be a success and make a meaningful difference in the world.

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  • Ian Hallett

    Dealing with CPAP Direct has been customer service gold. They answered my questions quickly and clearly and provided me links to their website for the appropriate products. It was then seamless to all of them and I would delivered to me in speedy. Good time!

  • Edweena Ladmore

    I received prompt replies via email that directed me to a purchase that suited my needs. My order was processed quickly and I received it sooner than expected. Post purchase assistance was again prompt and informative. The product, an airmini, is more than perfect for my travel needs.

  • James Michael Gartenfeld

    Always easy to deal with,very prompt with delivery. I have been dealing with this company for a few years now and I have had no problems at any time,even when I go to the store the personnel have always been helpful and prompt in the service. No problem with this company at all a pleasure to deal with,thank you so much.

  • Paul Falconer

    Fast, friendly, flexible and reliable service provided in the recent purchase of a new CPAP machine. Expert advice and care provided, with no shortcuts taken, to ensure the best outcome and quality customer experience, despite being in the middle of the Christmas/New Year period.

  • Karen Lewis

    I bought a women's nasal pillow mask, some wipes & equipments cleaner online the other day. Their system is very easy to navigate & the goods got from QLD to SA in under a week. They also honoured an out of date discount for me, making it considerably cheaper for me to purchase, which was fabulous. I will only buy from CPAP DIRECT because of the great service & prices.

  • Denise Dickson

    The delivery of the mask was very quick and efficient. I must remember next time to order a large one and not a small one. Received in minimum time and it was packed in a sturdy box. I have also had good service from this company, and will continue to use them.

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