MediStrom Pilot 24 Lite Battery
Looking for a lightweight battery option for your CPAP Machine? Here it is! The MediStrom Pilot 24 Lite Battery is compatible with: ResMed AirSense 10ResMed AirMiniResMed S9*SmartMed iBreeze*Philips DreamStation GO Travel PAP* *Cable Kits sold separately. Requires ResMed AirSense 10 AC...
$525.00 $415.00
Pilot Lite Battery Car Charger
Travelling to places where mains power is not available? No Problem! You can charge your Pilot Lite Battery from your vehicle's 12V cigarette lighter adaptor! Easy to use plus the battery will fully charge in 3-4 hours! Compatible with both...
$50.00 $40.00
MediStrom Output Cable for ResMed AirMini
This cable is designed to connect the MediStrom Pilot Battery to the ResMed AirMini CPAP Device. Cable will not charge battery. *Cable only. Pilot 24 Lite Battery and AirMini Device sold separately. Product Code: 645759689788
Sold Out
ResMed S9 Kit for Pilot 24 Lite Battery
The ResMed S9 Kit comes with all necessary cables to run your ResMed S9 CPAP Machine from the Medistrom Pilot 24 Lite Battery.   Kit includes: 1x DC Output Cable (to run the device on battery) 1x Short Charging Cable...
MediStrom Solar Panel for Pilot Lite Batteries
Travelling to places where mains power is not available? No Problem! You can charge your Pilot Lite Batteries via Solar Power 50W Solar Panel for Medistrom Pilot-24 & Pilot-12 Lite Backup Power Supplies/ CPAP Batteries. Charge time will vary based...
MediStrom AC Power Adapter for Pilot 24 Lite
Medistrom AC Power Adapter for the Pilot-24 Lite. AC Input Voltage from 100-240V 50/60Hz 2.5A. DC Output 24V 3.75A Product Code: P24ACCACA
SmartMed iPower Battery for iDisc
Whether the trip is for business or pleasure, the iPower Battery helps you to transform your iDisc CPAP Machine from a premium to portable solution! This battery is only compatible with the SmartMed iDisc Machine. The iPower is an external...
$795.00 $420.00
ResMed AirMini DC/DC Converter
The AirMini DC/DC Converter 65W allows you to operate your machine from a vehicle cigarette lighter socket (12V or 24V DC power source) in a car, boat, or other vehicle equipped with a suitable battery.The AirMini DC/DC Converter 65W is...
ResMed S9 90W Power Supply Unit
ResMed 90W PSU power supply for the S9 pump range. Comes with Australian 240v  connections.
ResMed AirMini 20W AC Power Supply
External 20W AC power supply for AirMiniâ„¢ CPAP machine.
Sold Out
SmartMed iDisc / iBreeze DC Converter
The SmartMed iDisc DC Converter allows you to operate your machine from a vehicle cigarette lighter socket (12V or 24V DC power source) in a car, boat, or other vehicle equipped with a suitable battery.The DC Converter is specifically for use...
$189.00 $175.00
ResMed Power Station DC Adapter for AirSense 10
ResMed Power Station II DC Adapter is required to charge the battery via the AirSense 10 Power Supply Unit (power cord). Adapter only. Battery and AirSense 10 Power Supply Unit not included. The RPSII Adapter Cable to run AirSense 10 machine...
$41.00 $30.00
ResMed Power Station DC Cable for AirSense 10
ResMed Power Station II DC Adapter Cable is required to run the AirSense 10 device from the battery. Cable only, battery not included. Product Code 37343
$43.00 $35.00
Z1/Z2 DC Mobile Power Adapter
This DC Mobile Power Adapter allows you to run your Z1 orZ2 Device from a 12V DC battery source via a cigarette lighter connection.  
F&P SleepStyle AC Power Cord
AC Power Cord for the F&P SleepStyle series CPAP Machine (Australian plug). Product Code: 900PS161
$49.00 $40.00
Sold Out
Z1 & Z2 PowerShell Extended-Life Battery
The PowerShell turns your Z1 or Z2 CPAP device into a totally self-powered CPAP solution! Just insert the Z1 or Z2 into the PowerShell Battery Module and you can get up to 8 hours of cord-free cpap*. The PowerShell weighs...
$599.00 $499.00
Transcend P10 Battery
$600.00 $540.00
Transcend P10 Battery
Enjoy the comfort and features of a full-size CPAP and humidifier in a travel-size system. The slim P10 portable CPAP battery can power the Transcend 365 miniCPAPâ„¢ AND heated humidifier for comfortable therapy every night, everywhere. Get the most out...
$600.00 $540.00
Sold Out
Transcend P4 Battery
$400.00 $325.00
Transcend P4 Battery
The Transcend battery options provide backup power during storms and brown outs for uninterrupted therapy. They’re also perfect for use in remote locations where power is unavailable. Ensure you’ll always have the energy you’ll need, whether you’re on the road...
$400.00 $325.00
Transcend 365 miniCPAP Auto Machine
Transcend 365 miniCPAP™ takes portable CPAP to a new dimension by introducing an incredibly small, truly portable and completely unique CPAP. Thanks to smart, patented power management technology, the small but powerful P10 CPAP battery can power the Transcend 365 miniCPAP™Features...
$2,300.00 $1,699.00
Sold Out
ResMed Power Station DC Cable for S9
Connect your ResMed S9 CPAP machine to the ResMed Power Station II battery with this DC cable. Cable only, battery not included. SKU: 24961
ResMed Compact Power Supply Unit (PSU)
AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10 devices now include a new and improved compact PSU. It will soon be available for Lumis devices and as a replacement spare part to be purchased separately. Product Code: 37477
Transcend Micro PowerAway P8 Battery
This small, robust CPAP battery delivers up to two nights* of therapy in a compact and lightweight design. You’ll be amazed with the freedom this little battery gives you. It’s FAA-approved so you can use it on your next flight...
ResMed DC/DC Converter for AirSense 10™ Device
ResMed’s DC/DC Converter™ 24V/90W is designed specifically for the ResMed AirSense 10 device series. The pack comes with the AirSense 10 power block with device connection on one end and a cigarette lighter adapter on the other end.In order for...
ResMed AirSense 11 Power Supply Unit (PSU) 65W
Replacement AC power supply unit for the AirSense 11 devices.  (AutoSet and Elite).  For use in ANZ only. Sold separately, device not included.

CPAP Battery Packs & Power Cords

CPAP Batteries: Alternative Power Supply For Your CPAP Machine

The ease of having a portable power solution for your CPAP machine will give you the ability and freedom to travel and explore while still maintaining your daily therapy against obstructive sleep apnea.

At CPAP Direct, we can offer you a variety of portable batteries, power converters and accompanying CPAP machines so you can continue your CPAP therapy on your travels. Whether it be camping, airline travel or car road-tripping with a CPAP battery powering your CPAP machine, you can rest assured you will have a good night's sleep.

A CPAP battery is designed to ensure you have a power supply for your CPAP machine when it may be inconvenient to plug your machine into a main power outlet. Smaller, compact lithium batteries are a great way to power your CPAP device while being assured that the same performance will be given from the battery power as a mains power outlet.

Purchase CPAP Batteries & Power Cords

To find more information regarding our CPAP battery options and power cord accessories, get in touch with our team today at info@cpap.com.au.

CPAP Direct provides the best CPAP Batteries from Philips, ResMed, MediStrom and more.

AC & DC Power Supply And Converters Available

CPAP Direct offers solutions for both DC power and AC power outlets and additional converters. These are applicable for traditional CPAP machines and travel CPAP machine options for added convenience.


What Kind of battery will run a CPAP machine?

There are two types of CPAP battery options to choose from, deep cycle batteries and lithium-ion batteries.

Deep cycle batteries are typically used in cars and boats and can be found in auto part stores. They are usually quite bulky and heavy duty and can be difficult to recharge.

Lithium-ion batteries are found in CPAP machines and are well known for their smaller, compact design. Although they are small, they typically charge quickly and hold power for at least one night.

Can A CPAP Machine Run On A Battery?

In short, yes! However, you may need to plan in advance.

Newer CPAP machines can run straight from a battery, so, you will only need the adapter from your car to the CPAP machine, others will work but you will need a suitable inverter. To find out which inverter will suit your machine, get in touch with our team at info@cpap.com.au.

How Can I Power My CPAP While Camping?

If you want to continue your sleep apnea therapy while camping you have two main options. You can use an adapter and use your vehicle's battery to power your CPAP, or you can purchase a portable CPAP battery to charge your machine.

How Long Do CPAP Batteries Last?

A modern CPAP machine has the capacity to run off a car battery for a minimum of 8 hours and a CPAP battery with appropriate settings could last through the night. The battery life of a CPAP battery is dependent on the CPAP machine and the pressure that it provides to a patient. Older machines and high pressure users commonly use more power.

How do I get the most life out of my battery?

- Make sure the battery is at full charge prior to using.
- Disable and/or reduce the need to use the humidifier and heated tubing. The heater plate will draw significantly more power from your battery and may cause it to run out during use.
- Fully charge your Battery before storage and at least EVERY 6 MONTHS thereafter. Failure to do this will be considered negligence and will void the warranty.
- Some Batteries can be used as an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) in areas that experience frequent power outages. The CPAP Device will resort to using the battery if Mains power is lost.
- Some Batteries can be charged using a DC Car Charger or Solar Panel (sold separately). Contact our team at support@cpap.com.au for more information.




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