If you or your partner, snore, feel tired during the day, frequently visit the bathroom at night or are carrying extra weight, you might want to have a sleep study to see if you're affected by obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). There are 3 types of sleep studies that can be done in your own home environment or in a dedicated sleep lab. Here are some of the types of tests available.

  • Level 1 In lab Diagnostic Sleep Study. This option requires a referral to a sleep or respiratory physician and is performed in a dedicated Sleep Lab
  • Level 2 PSG: This is an in home sleep study that can be authorised by your GP. If you meet certain requirements, Medicare may cover some or all of the cost if you meet criteria recently revised by Medicare.
  • Level 3 OSA Study: This is a simple take home test that is ideal for simple cases and those that do not qualify for a Medicare rebate-able Level 2 PSG. It is low cost and the results are instant.

The first step is to print off a referral form (below) and then visit your doctor to have the sleep study authorised. Once you have your results, contact us and we will run through the treatment options with you. Below is a list of companies we recommend that do sleep studies with high end equipment and are scored and signed off on by totally independent sleep physicians that have no affiliation with a CPAP providers.

Click below to take our Online Sleep Test and see if you need a sleep study!

Click on the relevant attachment to download a copy of their referral form to take with you to your GP.


Queensland Snore Clinic

Sunshine Coast region from Noosa to Caboolutre/Bribie Island

North Brisbane Sleep & Thoracic

North Brisbane region - (Clayfield / North Lakes)

Sleep Testing Australia


LiveLife Pharmacy Gracemere

Shop 11 Gracemere Shopping World
1-19 McLaughlin Street Gracemere QLD 4702

Sleep Testing Australia

Regional QLD - (Gladstone / Biloela / Theodore)

Sleep Testing Australia

Brisbane & Surrounding Areas

LiveLife Pharmacy Bowen

Centre Point Plaza
7/16 Richmond Road, Bowen QLD 4805

New South Wales

Sleep Testing Australia


Sleep Testing Australia



Sleep Testing Australia



Northwest Dental

15 Cattley Street, Burnie, 7320, Tasmania
Burnie (03) 6431 3111
Wynyard (03) 6442 1200

Northern Territory

Sleep Centre Katherine

40 Katherine Tce, Katherine NT 0850
Phone: (08) 8971 1557

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