If you or your partner, snore, feel tired during the day, frequently visit the bathroom at night, are carrying extra weight etc, you might want to have a sleep study to see if you're affected by sleep apnea. Sleep studies can be done in home or in lab. The first step is to visit your doctor and get a referral to have a sleep study. Once you have your results, contact us and we will run through the options with you. Below is a list of companies we recommend that do sleep studies with high end equipment and are scored and signed off on by independent doctors that have no affiliation with a CPAP provider.

Click on the relevant attachment to download a copy of their referral form to take with you to your GP.

Queensland Snore Clinic

Sunshine Coast region from Noosa to Caboolutre/Bribie Island

Northside Heart & Lung

North Brisbane region - (Nundah / Northlakes)

Sleep Testing Australia


Sleep Testing Australia