Dual Band Anti Snoring Chin Strap Premium
Knightsbridge Premium Dual Band Chin Strap reduces and eliminates CPAP mouth leaks, common in people who are mouth breathers. The chin strap lifts the jaw and closes the mouth, allowing the CPAP machine to deliver air at the prescribed rate....
ResMed Chin Restraint
The most popular Chinstrap on the market today. This chin strap is easy to adjust and is minimalistic on the head. It uses a velcro strap to adjust the tension and won't overheat the head in summer.
Best in Rest Chin Strap
The Best in Rest Chin Strap is a high quality, comfortable and easy to use chin strap to improve PAP therapy and reduce snoring.   Improve PAP Therapy This device easily and gently cradles the jaw to prevent the mouth...
Philips Deluxe Chin Strap
A gentle, effective way to help keep your mouth closed while you sleep. One of the most stable of chin straps, the unique, multi strap design holds it securely in place, and gives lots of chin and lip support.  ...
RemSleep Advanced Mouth Strips
RemSleep Mouth Strips promote nasal breathing, reduce open-mouth snoring, and for those with sleep apnea, improve CPAP compliance. Mouth Strips can be used instead of a chinstrap for a much cooler and comfortable experience. Many CPAP users suffer from dry mouth...

CPAP Chin Straps

At CPAP Direct, we strive to provide all the accessories and components required for the needs of an individual's CPAP therapy journey. Chin straps can be an integral part of ensuring a comfortable night's sleep.

What is a Chin Strap?

A chin strap can be a useful piece of equipment when used in conjunction with a CPAP mask and machine. While it is not a necessary component for CPAP therapy or sleep apnea treatment, a chin strap can provide additional comfort and support for those that naturally breathe through their mouth while sleeping.

A chin strap includes fabric straps that sit along the chin and across the cheeks or sides of the face to keep the mouth closed while sleeping.

Chin straps are a simple solution to help individuals keep their mouths closed, especially for those that are using a nasal or nasal pillow CPAP mask. Chin straps can also keep CPAP users' mouths and throats from drying out by ensuring the mouth is kept closed through the night.

How Do You Wear a Chin Strap?

Chin straps fit over the chin and sides of the face to increase support for sleep apnea sufferers. This additional component, while not required, can be the key to further comfort and security.

Wearing a chin strap is quite straightforward. Before putting on your CPAP mask and any other headgear, simply place the chin strap over your chin and cheeks. This will increase comfort levels and reduce mouth breathing throughout the night.

How Tight Should a Chin Strap Be for CPAP?

A chin strap should fit gently against the head and face. It is not necessary for your mouth to be completely shut tight and should be able to open slightly. This means it is fine if you can open your mouth while awake, as the strap is designed to keep your jaw securely shut when resting.

How Do I Know What Size Chin Strap to Get?

The size of your chin strap should be the same as your headgear or CPAP mask size. If a chin strap is an additional product that you believe will enhance your comfort levels, then it is important to fit both your mask headgear and chin straps to suit your face shape and size.

At CPAP Direct, we have sleep apnea specialists available to help support you through the sizing process. We always recommend trialling face masks, CPAP machines and any accessories that will aid your sleep apnea journey.

About CPAP Direct

Beginning your CPAP Therapy can be quite a challenging process. At CPAP Direct, our crew are committed to making the adjustments as easy as possible by offering extensive knowledge and support. Our services extend Australia-wide thanks to our many locations and online stores.

We have a dedicated Support Team that consists of trained clinicians and sleep apnea specialists who can help you with any queries regarding therapy or your equipment. There is no charge for our support services, nor is there an expiration date for this support.

We have CPAP machines and CPAP masks available for both purchase and hire. Hire equipment is available on a monthly basis to help you reach the perfect level of comfort and support. There are no deposits, lock-in contracts or obligations to buy once the hire is complete. Better yet, if you find the hire successful and wish to purchase one of your own, we will deduct the first month's rental from the overall price.

CPAP Direct is an accredited Australian CPAP Provider; all our sales receipts and invoices are recognised by Private Health insurance and allow you to claim a rebate if covered by your policy. If you wish to discuss your sleep apnea treatment or have a question about our products, please contact the CPAP Direct sleep apnea specialists today.

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