Wenatex Sleep System

A perfectly harmonised sleep system ensures healthy sleep and gives the body the chance to regenerate and heal. It facilitates an optimal sleeping climate and ensures ergonomically correctly lying comfort. Wenatex has intensively researched all of these factors, which has led to the development of a unique sleep system.

The Ultimate Sleep System is now on show exclusively at all CPAP Direct clinics.
The Wenatex fully adjustable bed system is made in Salzburg Austria and is engineered with body and hygiene in mind.
Under new ownership in Australia, Wenatex products are supplied and warranted by Ortho-Tex Pty Ltd.

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Support Benefits

Hygiene Benefits

Wenatex Features

Multi Zoned electric adjustable bases with lumbar support designed to assist

  • Lower back related pain and fatigue
  • Increasing blood circulation to the legs
  • Reducing swelling in the legs and feet
  • Pillow and neck alignment
  • Helping with reflux and some respiratory issues
  • Minimising disturbances.

SilverMed Summer and Winter quilts

  • Laced in Silver to help control bacteria from body fluids
  • Hollow core fibre to help regulate body heat
  • Fibre sewn in place and guaranteed to retain it’s shape and not bunch or clump

Ergonomic & Orthopaedic Pillows

  • Soft Ergo pillows that are contoured but very soft to help reduce CPAP mask leak
  • SilverMed Ortho Pillows that laced in silver and height/shape adjustable

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