ResMed AirFit P30i Nasal Pillow Mask
A more natural sleep experience ResMed AirFit P30i is designed to feel more natural with no front-end tube, the mask stays out of sight and out of the way. The top-of-the-head tube design that gives you the freedom to sleep in...
$289.00 $195.00
ResMed AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow Mask
NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE AIRMINI DEVICE. The ResMed P10 Mask Pack for AirMini must be purchased if intending to use with the AirMini Device.   ResMed’s AirFit™ P10 nasal pillows mask is our quietest mask yet! Bringing you the latest technology...
$259.00 $195.00
F&P Brevida Pillow Mask
Designed for Confidence. Built for Comfort.The F&P Brevida Pillow Mask has been designed to make CPAP therapy easy!This innovative mask allows you to benefit from the minimalistic nasal pillow design without the nostril discomfort and instability they are commonly known for. The Brevida has versatile pillow...
$289.00 $195.00
F&P Opus Pillow Mask
$245.00 $195.00
F&P Opus Pillow Mask
The Opus™ 360 Nasal Pillows Mask is a compact, comfortable, and virtually silent mask that also provides exception freedom of movement for a CPAP mask. The slim design contributes to flexibility by allowing freedom of movement even while sleeping. It...
$245.00 $195.00
Philips DreamWear Silicone Pillow Mask
The Philips DreamWear Silicone Pillows Mask is like wearing nothing at all!DreamWear silicone pillows cushion mask was developed using thousands of 3D facial scan data points, allowing it to conform to various nose shapes and sizes. It features a silicone pillows...
$289.00 $195.00
F&P Solo Pillow Mask - Fit Pack
STOCK NOW AVAILABLE! The F&P Solo™ is the world’s first AutoFit™ mask. It simplifies mask usage like no other, using ground-breaking headgear technology. Simply stretch to fit and touch to adjust! For in-store collection, please visit your nearest CPAP Direct store. Gone are...
$349.00 $225.00

Nasal Pillow CPAP Masks

What is a Nasal Pillow Mask?

Nasal pillow masks are a type of CPAP mask that fit under the nose and on the upper lip. They provide indirect airflow to the nostrils and have a cushion or padding under the nose for additional comfort.

These masks are considered to be light-weight in design and less bulky or heavy than other masks, such as a full face mask.

Why do I need a CPAP Mask?

CPAP masks are used by individuals who require CPAP therapy or treatment for sleep apnea and other respiratory conditions. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that occurs when you stop breathing for 10 seconds or longer while sleeping. This condition can arise from a series of issues, including (but not limited to) sinus issues, a deviated septum or even allergies that disallow healthy breathing patterns to occur.

CPAP therapy most typically involves a machine with an attached mask that helps regulate breathing while sleeping. A CPAP machine provides steady air pressure that passes through a CPAP mask for ease of breathing. A CPAP mask can come in a range of designs and types to suit various face shapes, sizes and comfort levels.

Nasal pillow masks are a great example of the variety that CPAP masks can be designed in. These masks are the ideal fit for those who want to feel less restricted while sleeping but still maintain a direct airflow to aid breathing. Nasal pillow masks are a great alternative to the heavier security of a full face mask.

For more information on what sleep apnea is and what CPAP therapy involves, please visit our FAQs page.

Advantages of Nasal Pillow Masks

Sleep apnea and CPAP therapy can be very different for each individual. That's why CPAP Direct always strives to offer a variety of mask types, brands and designs to fit each personal need.

There are numerous advantages to choosing a nasal pillow mask over other mask types like a nasal cradle mask or full face mask. This mask type is a great option for more restless sleepers that require freedom of movement, minimal face restriction but still maintain a high level of comfort.

Nasal pillow masks are a great option if you:

  • Are a restless sleeper

  • Have facial hair (the cushion provides less irritation)

  • Frequently wear glasses (as it does not cover the bridge of the nose)

  • Are looking for a mask that is has a less intrusive design

  • Predominantly breathe through your nose while you sleep

Pros & Cons

Of course, there are pros and cons to every CPAP mask, as each personal CPAP treatment journey is dependent on the individual's needs and levels of comfort. Here are the pros and cons of nasal pillow masks:


  • Comes in a range of styles

  • Enables free movement while sleeping

  • Works well for those that have facial hair or glasses

  • Reduces air leakage from direct airflow into nostrils

  • Indirect pressure and a more natural airflow


  • Can be uncomfortable on higher air flow settings

  • May cause nosebleeds or nasal dryness

  • Difficult to use if you experience nasal obstruction

Alternatives to Nasal Pillow Masks

There are several alternatives to nasal pillow masks, including nasal masks and full face masks. All of these other styles should be taken into consideration when finding the right CPAP mask for you, as each mask can be suitable for different reasons.

While the nasal pillow mask is a great option for those who enjoy the comfort of a pillow with a lightweight design, some may find this style to be unsuitable or not secure enough for their CPAP treatment.

Nasal Masks

Nasal masks are designed to fit over the nose and upper lip. As a lighter designed mask type, the nasal mask allows for unrestricted movement while sleeping and the added benefit of security over the bridge of the nose. While nasal pillow masks rest on the upper lip, the nasal mask is situated more on the nose, allowing for added support during the night.

Full Face Masks

Full face masks are the most secure CPAP mask design, and are considered to be heavier and more bulky than other styles. These masks fit over the nose, mouth and cheeks and allow you to breathe comfortably with full support.

Support Products

In addition to your CPAP machine and mask, there are many support products available at CPAP Direct to further maximise comfort and functionality.

For example, as nasal pillow masks require you to keep your mouth closed while sleeping, it may be helpful to try out mouth strips to ensure your CPAP therapy is successful.

There are many other support accessories available, including cleaning products and extra parts or components that may need regular replacement. On your nasal pillow mask that may include small headgear clips, tubes and filters for your CPAP machine.

About CPAP Direct

Starting CPAP therapy can be difficult, especially when treatment is so personalised to each individual. At CPAP Direct, we're here to help you every step of the way.

Our sleep specialist team is dedicated to providing you with the best unbiased advice and professional support when it comes to CPAP therapy. Of course, there is no extra monetary charge for these support services, nor is there an expiration date to getting advice.

It is encouraged that you trial different CPAP mask designs and brands to find what works best for you. At CPAP Direct, we give you the option to hire a CPAP machine and mask, making it easy to work out your perfect fit. When hiring with us, there are no deposits, lock-in contracts or purchasing obligations. If you find your ideal CPAP mask, and make the purchase, we'll deduct the first month's rental fee from the overall price.

For any questions regarding an already owned product, hiring a device or if you're just starting out on your CPAP therapy journey, please content CPAP Direct for professional advice.


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