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Z1 Fixed CPAP Machine
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Z1 Fixed CPAP Machine
The Z1 CPAP is one of the lightest, most integrated travel CPAP machines available Features - Quiet Travel Device*  - Light and compact - Optional integrated battery; Z1 PowerShell delivering up to 8 hours use^ - Optional muffler system; Z1 Q-Tube  - Free...
$1,089.00 $799.00

CPAP Machines Explained

CPAP therapy was actually pioneered by Australian Professor Colin Sullivan in the late 1970’s. CPAP stands for ‘Continuous Positive Air Pressure’ and was designed to treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients by hold their collapsing air way open with positive air pressure. This pressure is produced by the CPAP device pump, through a tube and connected to our airway via face mask. Whilst we often refer to each device as a CPAP machine, there are two main types of machines. The traditional CPAP machine which produces a fixed pressure and the APAP or automatic machine that continually adjusts pressure to hold the airway open.

Automatic Pressure Machines

Automatic machines are set with a minimum and maximum pressure window to operate within. The device starts off at a comfortable pressure to go to sleep with. Once the patient is asleep and the airway starts to obstruct, the automatic device uses an algorithm to continually adjust the pressure throughout the night with the aim of holding the airway open through all different sleep stages and conditions. For example, you may have noticed that having alcohol at night can make snoring and OSA symptoms worse. An automatic machine is a great option in these cases as it will respond to always give enough air to hold the airway open and help retain oxygen levels in the body. This often also takes the edge of a hangover!

Fixed Pressure Machines

By contrast, a fixed pressure device needs to be set at a specific air pressure that is right for the patient. This air pressure is usually obtained through the sleep data produced when that patient hired an automatic device before hand or from an in lab titration test. Fixed pressure devices are cheaper than automatic devices however it is old technology. Annual re-testing of pressure levels is recommended to ensure that as time goes by and our body changes, the pressure will still be adequate to treat us. Fixed pressure scripts are generally prescribed by a sleep physician or medical professional.

Automatic machines are typically much more expensive to purchase than fixed pressure or CPAP machines as their technology far exceeds that of a fixed pressure machine. With recent market changes and the popularity of automatic devices, the price gap has reduced significantly. This makes owning an auto much more affordable. The algorithm in automatic devices will mean that even as weight, alcohol consumption and medical conditions change, an automatic machine will adjust will continually adjust to optimize therapy.

The importance of a qualified clinician

It should be noted that regardless of the device chosen, none of them are set and forget straight out of the box. There are many manual tweaks that may need to be made to ensure maximum comfort. For example, if the start pressure is too low, it will feel like you can’t get enough air and it will be harder to get to sleep. If the start pressure is too high, it may feel like you can’t exhale. There are also comfort settings such as humidity level, pressure relief settings and even physical machine placement in the bedroom that can make all the difference toward achieving a successful result. The point is that it’s important to have a qualified clinician to help with the right setup of your device and ongoing monitoring to help optimize comfort and results.

All devices on the market are very advanced and are likely to treat you effectively. Most machines have built-in comfort features and humidification that make the therapy much more comfortable to use. Most devices also have an inbuilt 3G or 4Gmodem inbuilt. This allowsour clinicians to remotely monitor your device’s performance, adjust as needed and produce a detailed data report upon request that shows your sleep results whilst using the device. Often these reports are required by your physician as part of a check up to make sure everything is going smoothly.

CPAP Machine Range

At CPAP Direct, our range includes the well-known brands such as ResMed, Fisher & Paykel, Philips and SmartMED. We have a wide range of travel friendly options as well including the SmartMEDiDisc Hybrid 2 in 1 machine and the AirMini by ResMed.

Almost all the CPAP devices can run from a DC source of 12V or 24V. Many manufacturers offer power solutions such as DC converters, battery packs and even solar chargers. Most of the devices and batteries are FAA approved and can safely be used onboard an aircraft. Regardless of FAA approval, we encourage you to contact the airline prior to your departure as each airline’s CPAP policy is slightly different.

A CPAP Machine’s life expectancy is approximately 5 years which is the average time frame most health insurance funds will pay a rebate toward replacing the device. CPAP & APAP devices do not require ongoing servicing as you would expect with a motor vehicle. It is suggested though that the air filter, water chamber, tubing and mask are cleaned and/or replaced at regular intervals for optimal performance. Many of the devices are programmed to inform you of any faults through an error message on the display screen or by sounding an alarm.

If any of the CPAP Machine’s require servicing in their lifetime. They are not sent overseas but instead to the manufacturers service department located within Australia. If the device is within its manufacturer warranty, there is no cost for the repair which is why it is always recommended to purchase the device’s extended warranty where applicable. If the device has been bought from CPAP Direct, we will also provide you with a free loan device if your device needs to go back to the manufacturer for an in warranty repair.

The premium bedside CPAP machines are generally very quiet while operating. Most CPAP users do not notice the device’s noise except when there is an air leak coming from the mask or if the device hasn’t been set up correctly. Smaller travel CPAP machineshowever, are known to be significantly noisier than every day machines. This is because certain design features have been compromised in order to keep the device as compact and portable as possible. Although the travel devices are not designed to be used on a long-term basis, the excessive use will not be detrimental to the device’s performance and efficiency. Some travel devices offer mufflers or noise diffusers to reduce the noise emitted from the machine making it more tolerable.

About CPAP Direct

At CPAP Direct, we understand that adjusting to CPAP Therapy can be quite a difficult and daunting process. Our crew are committed to making the adjustments as easy as possible by offering extensive knowledge about the products along with tips and support where needed. We have many store locations around the country as well as our online store which allows us to extend our services Australia wide.

We have a dedicated Support Team that consist of trained clinicians who can help you with any queries regarding therapy or your equipment. There is no charge for our support services nor is there an expiration date for this support.

We have CPAP Machine and masks available for both purchase and hire. Hire equipment is available on a monthly basis. There are no deposits, lock-in contracts or obligation to buy once the hire is finished. If you find the hire successful and wish to purchase one of your own, we will deduct up to 2 months rental from the overall price.

We understand the purchasing of CPAP equipment can be quite expensive which is why we offer a range of interest free payment plans such as OpenPay, Humm (formerly Certegy Ezi-Pay), Zip Money and Afterpay.

CPAP Direct is an accredited Australian CPAP Provider; all our sales receipts and invoices are recognised by Private Health insurance and allow you to claim a rebate if covered by your policy.

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