F&P SleepStyle™ Auto Machine
Comfort Meets Simplicity with the Fisher and Paykel SleepStyle Auto CPAP Machine! The F&P SleepStyle Auto also comes with 5 Years Warranty included.   The F&P SleepStyle™ CPAP Machine is the ultimate all rounder in CPAP sleep therapy. This innovative CPAP machine...
$2,595.00 $1,495.00
F&P SleepStyle Extended Care Warranty
The F&P SleepStyle Extended Care extends the coverage on your SleepStyle Auto or Fixed CPAP machine from 2 years to 5 years.
Fisher and Paykel SleepStyle Filter 2pk
Replacement air-inlet filters for the F&P SleepStyle CPAP Device. Product Code 900SPS110
$13.50 $12.00
F&P SleepStyle ThermoSmart AirSpiral Heated Tube
Replacement tube for the F&P SleepStyle CPAP Devices. Device not included.
$129.00 $95.00
F&P SleepStyle Chamber Seal
The F&P SleepStyle Chamber Seal effectively allows the machine to seal the pressure within the chamber and prevent leaking of pressure.
$49.00 $39.00
F&P SleepStyle Carry Bag
Replacement carry bag for the F&P SleepStyle CPAP Machine. This bag is also convenient for travelling as it lightweight, sturdy and includes a shoulder strap. SKU: 900SPS142
$49.00 $29.00
F&P SleepStyle Water Chamber (Outer seal not included)
Fisher and Paykel have created a new style of chamber for their SleepStyle CPAP Machine. This new and improved chamber now opens up for easy use unlike the F&P ICON series chamber. The SleepStyle Water Chamber is dishwasher safe which makes refilling...
F&P SleepStyle AC Power Cord
AC Power Cord for the F&P SleepStyle series CPAP Machine (Australian plug). Product Code: 900PS161
$49.00 $40.00
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