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The Seatec SleepTight Chin Strap is an efficient and cost effective way to ease the symptoms and may help prevent heart problems and other complications. Sleep Apnea Chin Strap helps keep your mouth close while you sleep, making it the perfect snoring treatment for open mouthed snorers.

The Seatec Chin Strap is the most stable of chin straps, the unique, multi strap design holds it securely in place and gives lots of chin and lip support.
Seatec Chin Strap features:

• Adjustable top strap
• Adjustable back strap
• Larger chin cup for more support
• Bottom lip support as well as chin
• Very stable multi-strap design
• All elastic material for maximum comfort

Seatec Chin Strap help to minimise the problems that occur if air leaks from your mouth whilst using nasal CPAP. These include: a dry mouth or the feeling of air bubbling through your lips as you go to sleep. Seatec Chin Strap can also sometimes help prevent air swallowing (aerophagia) and the discomfort it causes. When worn with a CPAP mask, the Seatec Chin Strap should be placed over the mask.


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