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Own your own MyAIRVO2 device with delivery and setup PLUS one years supply of consumables for around $37 per week after a $299 deposit.

(18 month term & fortnightly repayments through Certegy Ezipay 'No Interest Ever')

Who will benefit?

This device can be an absolute game-changer for patients suffering from any type of respiratory condition or who need supplemental oxygen. Specifically, sufferers of COPD, Cystic fibrosis, Bronchiectasis, Pulmonary fibrosis, Asthma, Asbestosis, Lung cancer and so on, can benefit from this treatment from children to adults. If you have ever been admitted to hospital due to a sudden worsening of symptoms including shortness of breath and an overwhelming increase in the quantity of phlegm, the chances are that you have already used an AIRVO!

Symptoms the myAIRVO2 can help relieve:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Dry irritable cough
  • Inability to clear secretions
  • Frequent chest infections
  • Frequent hospital re-admissions
  • Nose bleeds (especially for patients on supplemental oxygen)

The F&P myAIRVO2 is the ‘home use’ version of the AIRVO used in hospital. The device acts as an upper airway humidifier in conjunction with High Flow Therapy (HFT).

The device creates a high flow situation with an internal motor that pressurises the air and pushes it through a heated humidifier chamber that contains distilled water. As the air passes over the water, it collects the humidification particles and then it enters a high end heated tube that delivers the exact amount of humidity and flow needed to a nasal cannula, face mask or by direct connection with a tracheostomy tube if applicable.

Two main functions:

Airway humidification:
The myAIRVO2 has the ability to deliver 37 degrees celsius & 100% relative humidity simultaneously. This is the optimum environment needed for our body to effectively flush/clear secretions from our lungs and at the same time, re-hydrate our airway.

The High Flow Therapy 
(HFT) component helps reduce the strain of breathing and ensures maximum clearance abilty when delivering the humidified air. This is particularly important for patients suffering from respiratory failure, asthma and COPD related exacerbations, pneumonia and so on.


1. Fill the chamber with distilled water and lock into place.

2. Connect the heated breathing tube and slide the connection flange downward to secure.

3. Connect oxygen supply (if needed).

4. Press and hold the power button to turn the device on and wait for the tick to show after the warm up cycle.

5. The mode button looks like a DVD play button arrow and is down the bottom. Pressing this will toggle between temperature, flow, day/night mode and the compliance hour meter.

6. Use the up and down buttons to control the temperature and flow settings as required.

7. Put on the nasal cannula or mask and breathe normally

After using the device, press the power button to turn off. The machine will then go into a 99 minute drying cycle that will also disinfect the tubing circuit. It is important not to turn the device off at the wall during this cycle.


To ensure you get the most out of your myAIRVO2 there are a series of consumables that must be replaced regularly.

We have a $66 per month auto-ship option (min 12 months) that will ensure that you have fresh consumables delivered to your door as needed.

alternatively, the individual prices are listed below.

  • Optiflow Nasal cannula $24 replaced monthly
  • HC365 Chamber $22 & Heated breathing tube $57 replaced every 2 months
  • Device filter $18 replaced every 3 months

Please click on the relevant link below to download the myAIRVO2 simulation app on your Apple or Android device

Renting, Owning and Payment Plans


The myAIRVO2 device is available for rental initially for $125 per month excluding consumables. The first months rental cost will also be deducted from the purchase price of the device when you decide to own your own myAIRVO from there.


The price of a myAIRVO2 is $2095 inclusive of the first chamber and heated breathing tube. If you have rented the device from us before buying, we will deduct your first month's rental charge off the price.

Payment Plans

  • Device with 12 months of consumables – $299 deposit, balance $36.50 per week over 18 months.

Payment plan options are available for most people subject to third party approval. Please contact us to find out more.