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Hi, I'm Bryce Perron from CPAP Direct. In this video I'm going to show you the new hybrid CPAP device by SmartMed. Have you ever wanted to go travelling and your home machine is just too big and bulky to take but then if you have a travel machine, it's good and it's light but it's noisy and it's not really ideal to be using every day, so you end up having to have two machines? Well this machine is an all in one! It's great for people that travel a lot, but also want to be able to have the premium quality machine when they're at home as well. When the device is docked into the premium humidifier, it's in home-mode. We can transition it to travel mode by pressing the button and releasing the device itself, and then we can even clip it into a battery for people that really want to go off the grid. The life span of the battery is expected to last up to 12 hours depending on the pressures that you're using.

On the side, we press the power button and we're completely mobile. So let's look at some of the features of the device. The device itself has got an in-built 4G modem which means it is always connected to the cloud and can be remotely monitored by our clinicians with nothing else to do. There is a smart sleep app, which you can download from the iOS store or from the GooglePlay store, which gives you your instant results on your mobile phone and a score of how well you sleep quality's gone from there. The device has a very responsive touch screen so we can navigate the menu any way we want to. The device also has a pressure relief function, which means that it backs the pressure off when you breathe out to make it easier to breathe in and out. It has an auto-start and an auto-stop feature so you don't have to find a button in the middle of the night.

Detailed sleep statistics, free software that you can download off the SmartMed website if you just want to take a local reading. It has a built in alarm clock, it has a very effective and advanced algorithm for treating sleep apnea. All right, so we'll run through some of the features of it in home-mode. So it slides back into the humidifier dock and clips in. The blue button at the top opens the humidifier chamber lid and you can pull the humidifier out. This is one of the only devices that has built-in water detection technology, so it turns the humidifier plate off if the device runs out of water and it also won't allow you to adjust the humidity level unless there's water in the device. There is a dedicated heated tube for this device. So this little clip here powers up the heated tube, the tube has a swivel to make it easier to navigate depending on which side of the bed you're sleeping on.

When the device is in home-mode and the heated tube is connected, the device is quieter than in travel mode. It's common knowledge that all portable or travel devices are louder than premium devices. At least this way when you get home, you can dock the device back into the humidifier and the noise level drops significantly. Now let's have a look at the device in travel mode. So you press the button on the side again to release the device and we need to connect the tube. I actually prefer to use the same heated tube that is on the humidifier because I find it's a premium tube and I actually find that the noise level is quieter using this tube as well. You can take the plug off for the heated tube and then remove the tube this way.

Inside the travel bag, this is called an iHush muffler, which is kind of like a silencer that takes the edge off the noise when it's in travel mode. Very important that this muffler is only to be used in travel mode, not in home mode. It goes on the back, tube on the end, and mask in the other end of the tube then you're in travel mode. So you can use travel mode with the standard AC adapter or as an optional extra, you can get the iPower battery for the iDisc as well.
This clips in like so and then you connect it to power with the power button on the back.

The battery is rated up to 12 hours of usage for the night however, if you're charging it during the day, you can be sure that it's going to last you all night. Another accessory that is available for the iDisc is the DC converter. This is a cable with a cigarette lighter adapter on one end and power on the other. This can be used to either power the device if you're running it off a car battery or an inverter or it can be used to charge the battery while you're travelling during the day. It's obviously going to take longer to charge the battery off 12 volt power than it would do off mains power. However, it's still sufficient to get enough charge in the battery to last you all night. Let's have a look at the travel bag, so there's plenty of zips and compartments in the travel bag. It's designed to be able to carry the device in it's entirety, so it's got a spot there for the humidifier and for the device.

It even has a hard case for travelling just with the device in travel mode, so you don't need to take this case with you when you're travelling. You can just throw the tube in a little carry bag here and have the hard case for the device itself. Spare filters for the device in the top section along with the user manual and power at the front and a spot there for your mask as well. So what are the pros and cons of the device? Well the pros are, it's a great all-rounder hybrid device that is a travel machine and a home machine all in one with a battery option and DC cable. It's also got a very good advanced algorithm and a beautiful touch screen interface. The cons are the device weighs a little bit more than some of the other travel machines around on the market, and the heated tube may take a little bit of getting used to. The overall verdict is it's a fantastic all-rounder, especially for the price that it is. We think it's going to be a real winner.

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