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F&P SleepStyle Auto Machine
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The F&P SleepStyle™ CPAP Machine is the ultimate all rounder. This device delivers world-class obstructive sleep apnea treatment with Fisher and Paykel's advanced auto-adjusting pressure algorithm.

Not only is the F&P SleepStyle's modern design one of the quietest performing devices on the market, it's simplicity has led it to be the only CPAP machine with the American Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use Commendation.

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- Large, responsive, soft-touch buttons that require minimal force to activate.

- A comprehensive range of comfort options including F&P's SensAwake™ and Expiratory Pressure Relief.

- Inbuilt handle on the machine lid making it is easy to remove from it's bag and carry.

- An easy-access water chamber via a simple push of a button, as well as finger holes that allow you to easily pick it up. It is also easy to fill and determine when you’ve reached the required water level.

- A complete unit with minimal parts to connect which makes it easy to set up and maintain.

- In-built cellular modem allowing remote monitoring in addition to the application where you can personally keep track of your progress from your mobile phone.

- A lightweight design that makes it portable and convenient for travel.




Don’t be kept in the dark when you wake up. Download the Fisher and Paykel Healthcare SleepStyle Application here!