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Designed for Confidence. Built for Comfort.

The F&P Brevida Pillow Mask has been designed to make CPAP therapy easy!

This innovative mask allows you to benefit from the minimalistic nasal pillow design without the nostril discomfort and instability they are commonly known for. The Brevida has versatile pillow geometry making it suitable for all nose shapes and sizes. 

The F&P Brevida includes 2 nasal pillow sizes for a customised fit; Extra Small-Small & Medium-Large



- AirPillow Seal; inflates to form a gentle 'pillow' of air that seals around the nose. Fits a wide variety of noses

- Adjustable headgear; simplistic design that stays in place during sleep

Washable Diffuser; reduces noise, partner disturbance and ongoing consumable costs



- F&P Brevida Fitting Guide

- F&P Brevida User Instructions

- F&P Brevida Product Brochure


Hi, I'm Bryce Perron from CPAP Direct. In this video, we're going to do a review on the new Brevida Pillow Mask by Fisher and Paykel. So the pillow mask Fisher and Paykel had before this one was called the Pilairo and the Pilairo was okay, but there was a few design flaws which they've completely got right in the new one. I'm that impressed with the new Brevida mask and I think you will be as well when I show you how this works. So let's open one up and I'll show you what you get in the packet. So the packet looks like this, there's a tear at the top and we open her up.

So the initial Pilairo only had one cushion or one pillow, which is a 'one size fits all'. In the packet, you get an XSmall-Small and a Medium-Large. So there's two different size pillows. In fact, interestingly enough, I got some pretty decent-sized nostrils and I would've thought the Medium-Large was right for me however I get a better seal from the XSmall-Small than I do from the Medium-Large. So it's important when you get this mask, really try both of them out to find out which one's going to fit the best for you. It's quite a loose fit, it doesn't push up on the nostrils like a lot of pillow masks do. And I'm a fan of a nasal mask personally. But I really think that this is probably the most unintrusive pillow mask because the pillows are still inflatable.

It has a washable diffuser on the front, I'll just pull that off, so rather than the disposable filters that come with the other types of masks, this one like the Eson 2, is now washable so you don't need to throw that one away but you also get a spare one in the pack with you as well. What the filter does (or the diffuser filter) is that stops exit air blowing all over the person lying next to you and it also makes the mask very quiet. You can see that there's goggle-style straps on the mask and it also has adjustability on the sides here. So this means that it's not going to stretch and then lose a seal and not fit properly. It's got everything covered from that perspective. Easy-to-use clips that just come straight off.

And they used a patent called Visiblue as a connection to make it easy to take the mask pillow off and to clip back in. So one of the things that happened on the Pilairo would be that the pillow would fall out even when you're using it and moving around in the middle of the night. This one clips in really nice, which is great. So the way to put this on obviously has a short tube which goes into your long tube, start the air and you use your thumbs to hold the pillows apart. I would put the air on [start device], use the thumbs to hold them apart, into my nose, over the head and adjust.

Sits quite nicely on the face. Very, very good seal and once again, these pillows inflate into the nose. So they get a seal by using the air flow from your CPAP machine to create that seal. Very, very nice, extremely comfortable, doesn't irritate my nostrils at all, and I'm a big fan. When you want to wash it, you can just unclip the straps, leave the Velcro done the way they're supposed to and throw them in the wash. When you clip off the pillows you can just use a bit of warm soapy water with those to clean them out as well. All in all, fantastic design mask. Very quiet, very comfortable and now with two different size pillows to come with it. I can't think of another pillow mask on the market today, right now, that is anywhere near as good as the Brevida.

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