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The Evora Full Face Mask Is The Next Generation Of CPAP Mask To Treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea With Dynamic Support Technology

The Evora Full Face Mask is a minimal contact face mask featuring a simple to assemble, compact and easy to fit design that provides optimal obstructive sleep apnea therapy to patients. With its improved Dynamic Support Technology™ you can sleep freely and comfortably while experiencing full performance and stability from its minimal face contact.

The Dynamic Support Technology™ from Fisher & Paykel is designed with a Floating Seal to allow freedom of movement while holding the mask comfortably in place.

Do You Need The Evora Full Face CPAP Mask?

The Evora Full Face Mask has been optimally designed to treat obstructive sleep apnea and provide CPAP therapy with its new performance introducing features. If you struggle to get a proper nights sleep, feel drowsy in the morning or get a stuffy nose during the night you should consider the Evora Full Face Mask.

The mask is simple to fit and adjust through the use of adjustable headgear clips. Patients have the ability to fix, tighten and loosen the mask face straps to their liking, readjusting until the mask comfortably seals.

The best part is that it is also easy to disassemble and clean! All it needs is a hand wash in lukewarm, soapy water, a rinse in freshwater and to be left out to dry in sunlight. 

Fisher Paykel Evora Full Face Mask Features

The F&P Evora Full Face Mask comes with a variety of features to assist in the structural support, ease of use and comfort in your sleep apnea therapy experience.

·         Stability Wings - these flaps provide structural support, enabling the floating seal to be more flexible and comfortable. 

·         VentiCool™ Headgear - the mask also features our unique VentiCool™ breathable headgear that allows heat and moisture to dissipate for clean breathing.

·         Minimalistic Design - the minimal design of the under-the-nose seal allows for a clear line of sight, simple removal and easy application.

·         Noise Reduction - the Evora Full has been designed to minimise noise for a quiet, good night's sleep.

·         Comfortable Seal - the decoupled seal accommodates for movement while the soft, thin silicone sits gently under the nose. The structured frame provides stability as an extra foundational seal.

This mask is available as a Fitpack which means all 3 seal sizes are included; Extra Small, Small to Medium, and Large.

F&P SureFit 30-day Mask Guarantee - If you are not satisfied with the F&P Evora Full Mask, you can return it within 30 days for an exchange to another mask of choice.

**Please note that this mask is not compatible with the ResMed AirMini Travel Device.

 Each of these features and technologies work together to create a new generation of dynamic support for people struggling with sleep apnea.

The Evora Full Face Mask Is Made For Patients

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare's goal is to assist in the improvement of clinical technologies for those suffering with illnesses such as sleep apnea. As such, F&P have asked sleep apnea therapy patients to try their new mask.

In their study, up to 60% of PAP therapy users experienced issues such as a poor mask fit, discomfort, air leaks, skin irritation and even claustrophobia. When trialling the Evora full face mask, F&P found that:

·         93% of trial participants- found that the Evora Full was either very comfortable or comfortable.

·         93% of trial participants - while using the Evora Full, users never or rarely experienced unintentional air leak into their eyes.

·         96% of trial participants - were able to sleep in their preferred sleeping position while using the Evora Full mask. 


·         Evora Full Sizing Guide

·         Evora Full Patient Brochure

·         Evora Full Use and Care Guide


What Is A Full Face CPAP Mask?

A full face CPAP mask is designed to cover both your nose and mouth for optimal sleep apnea therapy, usually for those who primarily breathe out of their mouths. This mask style can be very helpful for those who sleep on their backs or require high pressure settings from their CPAP device.

What does a CPAP mask do?

A CPAP mask provides air from a CPAP device at a pressure high enough to prevent the collapse of your airway while you sleep. The CPAP mask seals your mouth or nose and allows you to breathe without much effort to prevent restless nights of continuous interrupted sleep.

What Is The Difference Between A Nasal Mask And A Full Face Mask?

A nasal pillow mask rests at the entrance of a person's nostrils, a nasal mask covers the nose and a full face mask covers both the nose and mouth. There are variations for each size and style of mask so trying to find one that fits in both size and comfort should be a top priority.


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