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NEW RELEASE! This is an enhanced version of arguably the worlds best nasal mask. The Eson 2 seals beautifully without needing to be tight. It has a washable diffuser over the exit valve so it doesn’t blow air all over the person lying next to you. It is whisper quiet and the Eson 2 has a lighter frame than the original Eson. The headgear is slimmer and is also stretchy making it easy to pull on and off like a hat. The cushion chassis is also smaller and the new design is colour coded so it’s easier to put together,
We’re a real fan of the original Eson and it’s hard to believe that F&P were actually able to improve the design!

Review of the Fisher & Paykel Eson 2 Nasal Mask

Video Transcript: 

The Eson Nasal Mask from Fisher and Paykel is arguably one of the most famous and most comfortable nasal masks on the planet and Fisher & Paykel released an Eson 2 version of the mask to try to make some enhancements to the initial mask.

I was always a big fan of the original and they've made 20 enhancements to the new mask, which they aptly call the Eson 2. So, this is what it looks like. It has a new head gear. It has a new filter at the front. The cushion profile is about the same, but the clip system and the head gear and the angle of the frame all make up this new mask and the way it feels.

So like all nasal masks, if they have clips, it's important to use the clips instead of the velcro when you're unclipping it and taking it off. This new clip system is designed so that it won't come undone and the velcros are also better-designed than on the original as well, but they just clip on like that.

The cushion has the same profile that the old one did as far as the cushioning goes. There's a lot of suspension and cushioning in the initial cushion that goes on your nose. The profile feels a little bit different to me coming from using an Eson 1 to using an Eson 2, but again, like anything, it only takes a week or two to get used to.

The clip is easy to put on because it only goes on one way. The disposable filter system that was on the original Eson has now been replaced with a washable filter. The reason why these filters are great is because it stops the exit air from blowing all over the person lying next to you. So not only does this make it an extremely quiet mask to use, but it also means that it is probably the least disturbing mask for you to use from a partner perspective as well.

So that just clips on over there. We still have the quick release for going to the bathroom and the head gear is a lot more stretchy and there's less of it than on the original Eson. Has a different design that way. One of the best things about washing the head gear on this mask is that you can disassemble the head gear without losing your adjustments on the velcros.

So for example, pop the clips off, and then just pull the top straps down and you can throw that in the delicates bag and in the washing machines with your normal clothes every three or four weeks, and then when it comes to put it back on after it's dry, they just slide back onto the frame. And you're good to go.

All in all, I think it's a fantastic mask. Again, like any mask, it takes you a couple weeks to get used to using something I was a fan of the original Eson and now that I've been using the Eson 2, I'm a fan of the Eson 2 as well. If you haven't tried one, jump into one of our stores. You can always hire one for a month or so and we'll take the high cost off the cost of the price of the mask if you decide to go for it that way. That's the Eson 2 by Fisher and Paykel. 


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