Best in Rest Chin Strap
The Best in Rest Chin Strap is a high quality, comfortable and easy to use chin strap to improve PAP therapy and reduce snoring.   Improve PAP Therapy This device easily and gently cradles the jaw to prevent the mouth...
Best in Rest CPAP Hose Lift
The Best in Rest CPAP Hose Lift is a support system that elevates and securely holds the CPAP hose, allowing users to move freely and achieve a more comfortable sleep.
Best in Rest Luxury Anti-Fatigue Eye Mask
Best in Rest Luxury Anti-Fatigue Eye Mask
$19.95 $15.00
MediStrom Cables for SmartMed & Apex Devices
This includes the DC Output Cable and Short Charging Cable to connect the MediStrom Pilot 24 Lite Battery to the SmartMed iDisc and iBreeze CPAP Devices.  *Cables only. Pilot 24 Lite Battery and CPAP Machine sold separately. Product Code: P24AMIPLK
Sold Out
ResMed S9 Kit for Pilot 24 Lite Battery
The ResMed S9 Kit comes with all necessary cables to run your ResMed S9 CPAP Machine from the Medistrom Pilot 24 Lite Battery.   Kit includes: 1x DC Output Cable (to run the device on battery) 1x Short Charging Cable...
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