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Do you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep?

Restore natural sleep patterns and optimise your sleep with SleepHub®

SleepHub® is a unique sleep training device created by scientists for people who want to improve their sleep for better physical and mental performance.  

Good sleep doesn’t always come easily, especially if your circumstances mean your sleep is disrupted or irregular. Disrupted sleeping patterns can cause the brain to fall out of sync with natural sleep cycles and cause us to ‘forget’ how to sleep well. 

Backed by over 10 years of scientific research and development, SleepHub® uses optimised low-frequency sound waves to simulate the waves your brain should produce through each sleep cycle.

This unique application of neuroscience and sound technology has been developed by scientists for people experiencing insomnia, those with disrupted sleeping patterns and people who want to optimise their sleep.

Key features of SleepHub®

• Unique sleep training device
• Trains your brain to restore natural sleeping patterns
• Uses exclusive neuroscience and sound technology to guide you through optimal sleep cycles
• Backed by more than 10 years of research, development and trials
• Aids falling asleep and improved quality of sleep
• An alternative to sleeping tablets
• Helps to fix sleep issues, not mask them
• High-quality touch screen and 2 x audio speakers
• 4 sleep modes to choose from, to help you achieve your optimal sleep
• Plays optional soundscapes, such as white noise, rain and ocean sounds
• Play your own music via Bluetooth (when sleeping mode not active)
• Matte finish with a choice of Cool White or Bold Black


Who is SleepHub® for?

SleepHub® has been created by scientists for people who;
• want to improve their sleep for better physical & mental performance
• experience insomnia
• have disrupted sleep patterns, work shifts, or travel internationally.
• are 21 years of age and over*

Benefits of using SleepHub®

When you start to regain natural sleep patterns and optimise your sleep through regular and repeated use of SleepHub® the benefits you may experience include:

• Feeling more relaxed at bedtime
• Drifting to sleep easier
• Waking less frequently
• Getting back to sleep quicker if you do wake up
• Feeling more refreshed when you get up
• Reduced daytime tiredness
• Better mental, cognitive and physical performance during waking hours
• Stress reduction in everyday life
• Reduced headaches and migraines
• Increase in focus
• Overall wellbeing.

SleepHub® has been developed to support adults in restoring their natural sleep cycles that may have been disrupted and forgotten over time.

*Babies, children and teenagers have very different sleep patterns to an adult. Adult sleeping patterns generally settle in very late teens to early twenties. Therefore, we recommend that SleepHub® is only used by adults.


In an independent study of SleepHub® with participants with at least 3 months history of insomnia;

92% saw a positive sleep improvement with on average, per night.

155 minutes more time asleep.

76 minutes less time awake.

55 reduction in number of times waking up.


What's included?

• SleepHub® main unit
• Two speakers
• Two RCA cables (1 x 5m and 1 x 2m)
• Mains power adapter
• Getting started guide



Who is SleepHub made by?

SleepHub®is made by Cambridge Sleep Sciences Ltd.

CambridgeSleep Sciences Ltd. strives to improve health and wellbeing through the power of natural sleep. It combines the principles of science with cutting-edge technology to enhance brain activity during sleep and develop innovative products that improve quality of life and re-energise lives.


How does SleepHub work?

While you sleep, your brain produces waves. As you move through different sleep cycles, the shapes and frequencies of these waves change. Reproducing these waves in the right sequence is the key to encouraging your brain to enter those natural sleep cycles. SleepHub® simulates these waves using scientifically formulated sounds that use rhythms and pulses.


Has SleepHub been tested?

As part of its development, SleepHub® was tested with a cohort of individuals suffering from sleep-related issues. The positive responses from this trial provided evidence that SleepHub® can re-train the brain to revert to natural sleep patterns.


Can children use SleepHub?

We do not recommend that children use SleepHub® as it has been developed to re-train adult brains to revert to their natural sleep cycles. For parents who have irregular sleep patterns due to having children, we recommend the nap setting for 30, 45 or 60 minute naps.


How long does it take to feel the benefits of SleepHub?

Results may vary depending on the user and their unique sleep issues. Everyone’s sleep journey is different, but from the tests we have conducted, we have seen some people report benefits within a few days, whilst others have taken several weeks to experience a benefit.

The best way to break any bad habit is with repetition of a good one, so the more you use SleepHub®, the better your sleep experience will be.


Does SleepHub come with a warranty?

Yes, SleepHub® comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.


How do I set up my SleepHub?

Your SleepHub® is easy to set up. You’ll receive an easy to follow manual with your SleepHub® that will take you through step by step. Click here to view the manual online.

You can also watch the set up video, found at the bottom of the product description.


When should I use my SleepHub?

SleepHub® should be used during the hours when you usually sleep. Whether you usually sleep at night, during the day, or both, you should activate your chosen sleep mode when you go to bed.


Where should I place my SleepHub?

You should place your SleepHub® close to your bed, near to a mains plug socket - a bedside table is ideal. The speakers should be placed either side of the user(s), to ensure the best stereo sound quality.


What volumes should I set for my SleepHub?

Your SleepHub® volumes can be set individually for sleepsounds, soundscapes and alarm sounds. You can also set your balance across the two speakers and you can control your overall volume.

To adjust your individual settings, access the Volume Control menu which can be found in the Settings menu. You will see the individual sliders which can be adjusted to suit your hearing preference. Whilst everybody’s hearing is different, we suggest that you start with following settings:

· soundscape (if used): 65

· sleep sound: 72

· alarm: 65

· balance: 0

Please note that the sleep sound volume does not need to be loud and should be set so that it can be heard faintly, on the cusp of hearing. The soundscapes do not need to be used but if they are, the volume should be set at a level just below the sleep sound.

Your master volume can be found on the sleep/home screen and is used to adjust the overall volume level. We suggest to start with, that this is set to between 60 and 70, to suit your hearing preference.


Should I change my routine when I use SleepHub?

We advise you to adhere to your usual bedtime routine when using SleepHub®.


Can I play music on the SleepHub?

Your SleepHub® comes with premium speakers that can also be used to play music by connecting a device via Bluetooth.


Can SleepHub be used by more than one person at a time?

You and your partner or room mate can both use SleepHub® at the same time but you will need to go to bed at the same time and use the same sleep programme. Results may vary for each user.


Does SleepHub record video or audio?

SleepHub® does not record audio or video. The device does not feature an in-built microphone or camera.


I'm having trouble setting up my SleepHub, what can I do?

The SleepHub® comes with easy to follow instructions on how to initially set it up. If you are having problems, you can contact us and we can guide you through the set up process.

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