ResMed Power Station (RPSII)

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Manufacturer part number: 24921

Versatile Power Source for Maximum Convenience.

This convenient, excellent value for money package comes with a PSU adapter and travel bag. This battery pack can be used with the S9 series CPAP machines as well as the AirSense 10 range and serves as an ideal alternative power source when you are travelling or during any power loss.

When a convenient electrical outlet is not available, the Power Station II has you covered. This versatile lithium-ion battery of the ResMed Power station II, powers ResMed devices and guarantees that this power source will last a long time with proper use and maintenance.

Battery Running Time Estimates - Definitive battery times are hard to provide for any electronic device, as consumption is dependent on several factors such as device model, settings, leaks, battery quality and age, unique breathing patterns of the patient, environmental conditions (hot or cold weather), and external accessories such as a humidifier and heated tubing.
A good estimate of battery life would set the ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet/Elite running at 10cm pressure without humidifier or heated tubing as an example. In this case the battery will have an approximate charge good for 11 hours working time. If extra load is place (for example, 20 cm H2O, with medium heated humidifier and heated tubing settings) the battery life estimate is 2 hours.

If you will be highly dependent on the battery, we recommend that your purchase additional batteries for convenience and peace of mind.

This battery comes with:

  • RPS II Battery 
  • Travel bag 
  • ResMed S9 series PSU adapter 


Tips to get the most out of your battery

- Make sure the battery is at full charge prior to using. 
- Disable and/or reduce the need to use the humidifier and heated tubing. The heater plate will draw significantly more power from your battery and may cause it to run out during use. 
- Fully charge your RPSII Battery before storage and at least EVERY 6 MONTHS thereafter. Failure to do this will be considered negligence and will void the warranty. 

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