Philips DreamStation Go Humidifier

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Pack performance anywhere you go with the DreamStation Go Heated Humidifier!

The DreamStation Go Humidifier features water-saving technology designed to give you a full night of heated humidification* by actively monitoring ambient conditions and therapy settings and automatically adjusting moisture delivery when humidifier target time is enabled. In the event you under fill or forget to fill the humidifier, the heater plate shutdown feature will take over to prevent dry, uncomfortable air from being delivered to you for the remainder of the night.


- Compact travel humidifier
- Uses tap OR bottled water
- Water-saving technology
- Works with any mask you like



Size: 14.7 cm x 5.9 cm x 15.1 cm
Weight: 344.7 g
Humidifier Capacity: 240 ml
Tubing compatibility: Micro-flexible 12 mm, 15 mm, and 22 mm standard tubing
Water compatibility: Distilled, tap or bottled
Humidifier usage while on Battery power: No
Warranty: 2 years

*Adjusts humidification output when water-saver target time is enabled. Refer to the User Manual for more information.

Humidifier only. Device and tube sold separately.


Click here to view Philips DreamStation Go Humidifier User Manual 


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