FLO Nozoil Nasal Spray 15mL

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Flo Nozoil is a preservative-free, non-medicated nasal moisturiser containing pharmaceutical-grade sesame seed oil (1mL/mL) to help relieve dry and crusting nasal tissue.

Flo Nozoil contains all three natural forms of Vitamin E (alpha, beta and gamma). Flo Nozoil is available in a 15mL pump spray bottle.


What is Flo Nozoil used for?

Flo Nozoil helps relieve dry and crusting nasal tissue. Your healthcare practitioner may recommend Nozoil in the following situations:


Following nasal surgery – to help moisturise healing tissues and soften nasal crusting.

Due to nasal medication side effects – some medicated nasal sprays may cause dryness and crusting.

Colds – during and after a cold or flu your nose may become sore due to crusting or excessive nose blowing.

Low humidity environments - when exposed to air conditioned environments or cabin air on planes.

Nasal CPAP and oxygen therapy - nasal CPAP and oxygen therapy may cause nasal dryness or congestion. Flo Nozoil has been clinically trialled in CPAP therapy and shown to help alleviate nasal dryness and improve the comfort of CPAP treatment.

The elderly - natural changes to the lining of the nose and nasal cartilages in elderly people are common and may result in the nose becoming dry and crusty. Flo Nozoil helps relieve these symptoms.


DVA Catalogue Number 70285


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