AirFryer Promotion.This month only!

DreamStation package includes DreamStation Pro or Auto machine with humidifier, cellular modem,
5 year warranty and mask

Gordon Ramsay & the Philips AirFryer

If hectic weeknight schedules have you dialing for take-out or popping a pre-packaged meal in the microwave, Gordon Ramsay has a time-saving tool that will get you back in the kitchen and cooking healthy, homemade meals in no time. Philips Airfryer is Chef Ramsay’s at-home sous chef for cooking delicious dishes for his whole family.

AirFryer model in this promotion differs from the one used in this video

Philips DreamStation CPAP Machine video review

The Philips DreamStation Pro is the most advanced and stunning CPAP fixed pressure machine Philips have ever made. This device comes with a built in wireless cellular modem and sim card and can be remotely monitored and managed by our expert clinicians at CPAP Direct. The device also has Bluetooth connectivity and SD card storage.